Johanna Hickle

It's nice to meet you! I'm Johanna, a freelance writer and editor. So far, I have contributed articles to Content Magazine, Yaybayarea,, and Silicon Valley Business Journal. I love pulling back the curtain and peeking into the lives of CEOs and CMOs, architects and actors, lyricists and muralists. I love arranging an article so its paragraphs flow seamlessly one into the next without drawing attention to the transitions. I love crafting narratives in a way that will pull readers into a reality different from their own and tug them along on a journey.

I have handled a variety of writing projects, including long-form and short-form articles, profiles, website copywriting, and social media posts. Adapting to cater to the voice of the business and the project is an endeavor I enjoy undertaking. That said, my niche topics are creatives, microcultures, multiculturalism, day trips (especially urban trails), and anything with a quirky twist.

Below are a few of my favorite articles.
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